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New Kicks: Starting Up Again

New Kicks
It’s been so long since I’ve walked that I’ve lost count of the weeks. It’s been months and if you count the fall down the stairs and the recovery needed for that, then it’s probably been about three months. Hang on… according to Runkeeper it’s been two and a half months! Not quite as long as I thought but it sure felt like I’ve been away from it forever.

It’s the same old story. I got bored and lost my motivation. When I hurt both legs, I had an “out” but with both legs injured, you sure appreciate the mere act of walking and so while I was recovering, I was also slowly trying to build-up the mental part of it so I’d be ready to start walking as soon as I could.

Was I ready? No. So I purchased some new shoes and still, this morning I looked at them and thought I might even take them back. I seriously thought that. Sometimes, I frustrate even myself. I put ’em on and headed out the door and most of it was okay. I limped a tiny bit at the end but I expected that. I kept a normal pace but didn’t go as far as I had hoped. But I went!

I am not much of a goal maker, as you might know by now but I do hope to do it again tomorrow.

Oh and I can’t lie, the shoes did help.


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Still Breathing

I have a friend who blogs about her struggles with activity too, and she posted today which reminded me that I have not posted in a really long time.

I am still here but not currently walking or doing much of anything. On May 2nd, I pulled a muscle in my leg while SITTING at a track meet. I know, how does such a thing happen? But because my leg was all gimpy and useless, the very next day, I fell down some stairs and injured my other leg. We all thought it was broken but it wasn’t. The doctor said it will take about eight weeks total to heal so I am down for at least another four weeks.

Yep, this is a good excuse and all but before the injury I was already doing battle with myself about my lack of activity. I swear. It is a constant struggle for me. I know that people who are fit often work their asses off to be that way and I know if they read my blog they’d just be frustrated with me but it’s the best I can do.

I make good choices on the eating front but once you get past the age of forty, eating well isn’t enough. Right now, I am letting the legs heal and then I will start over again and maybe I will have a little more success this time. Even with my patchy history, I’ve had good periods sometimes lasting a year or more. Just not this year!