A Long and Narrow Road

Here, the struggle begins, one step at a time.

Party Time!


I wish it WAS time to party.

If I had stuck to the plan, by now I’d be a much fitter person but the reality of it is this, I suck. I suck at losing weight and I suck at exercising even more.

You already knew this about me.

I’ve never been one to promise anything but I thought I’d at least be able to stick to the “one step at a time” thing. But then it got cold and I got tired and then something in my personal life went helter skelter.

The excuses that I cooked up for myself are many. All true, of course but none of them really warranted a complete stop to the production line.

What do I have to show for it? TEN extra pounds. No joke. So today I dusted off the scale and recorded my true weight. Not the weight I thought I was based on the notches in my belt, but my true weight. I wrote it down. I packed my sensible lunch of grilled salmon and kale salad and I hit the pavement. Again.

It did feel good to start walking again but every other step, I found myself grimacing.  I wasn’t in pain, I think I was just crabby but those that encountered me mid-grimace steered clear of me so I must have been a sight.

What’s in store for me tomorrow? More of the same.

How about you? I hope you are doing better than I am.




2 thoughts on “Party Time!

  1. I’m not doing much better than you! LOL And I haven’t blogged in quite some time. Maybe this will inspire me! I haven’t gained 10lbs but I’ve definitely gained a few. I’ve begun walking again because the weather is improving. I’ve skipped the gym entirely. Bad me. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow. I may not come outside. LOL But then back to beautiful weather after that, so no excuses. Let’s make a bet or a pact or something that will inspire us!!

    • Let’s see… I’d like to lose 10 lbs by this time next month. If I do, then I will get new shoes. I really wanted the new shoes but  didn’t feel as if I worked enough for ’em so I did not buy them. 


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