A Long and Narrow Road

Here, the struggle begins, one step at a time.

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End of the Year Sludge

It’s been so long since I’ve posted. I figured I’d better pop in to let you know that I am still here. I’ve been on vacation since December 18th and won’t be back to work for a few more weeks. Vacations are wonderful but they wreak havoc on the schedule.

Sleep patterns are off, both for me and the kids. Exercise? Non-existent. Food? Sure, there have been some indulgences but I have not been all that into food this holiday season. I am sporting an extra couple of pounds but I chalk that up to inflammation as I haven’t been taking my lupus meds as I should either.

Like I said, the routine is way off. But, along with the new year, I hope to get back into the swing of things over the next couple of days. The weather has been mild which makes for good walking weather. I have no excuses.

Hope you are all good and that the holidays treated you well. See you in the new year!



Motivation – Where Did It Go?

I can’t blame Thanksgiving. It’s an eating and cooking frenzy but to be honest, this year I wasn’t into the food. I cooked it but I didn’t eat much of it. Not nearly as much as I normally do. I tend to really look forward to holidays that center around food because I love food. Or, I used to. Being gluten-free has really killed my taste buds. The plus side? I didn’t go overboard and I was walking to offset anything I did eat (or drink).

However, since then… nothing has been happening on the exercise front. My motivation is not entirely gone but it’s waning. Much of it has to do with the weather. It’s been very cold for Southern California and extremely windy. Really, if I bundled up, it wouldn’t be too cold to walk in, but with everything flying around it’s not been good walking weather.

Ironically, my body tends to lose weight when I stop exercising so even though I haven’t walked for ten days, I have lost an additional five lbs. That REALLY makes it hard. I mean, I lose weight when doing nothing? Wha??

So I am not the pillar of perfection today. Was I ever? But I wanted to stop by and tell you all that I have been a useless slug and that I am allowing this behavior through the end of this week, and then will transition to some other activity if the weather continues like this. I really hate the gym and I am not fond of people in general so group stuff bugs me. Anyway, I’ll post an update soon.

What have you all been doing? It’s been freezing cold all over the country. How do you manage exercise when it’s so cold outside?