A Long and Narrow Road

Here, the struggle begins, one step at a time.


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Everyone has one of these pics in their camera, right? Today, I needed a little shove. A “push” if you will. I did not get out at all this weekend to do anything fun or active. I had planned to take The Pup (affectionately called Otter Pup) on a nice, long walk but The Hub beat me to it not once, but twice. I guess I need to get up a little quicker or communicate better (probably both).


But I CAN say that all weekend long I made good food choices. Salads instead of burgers, twice! That’s right! With The Teen in the house, when we catch a bite to eat, it’s often burgers but luckily, the places we went to had salads on the menu as well. Nice, healthy salads and just a drizzle of dressing. Whatever I had lost by not walking this weekend, was made-up for on the food front.

However, back to today. This morning, getting out of bed was not all that hard. I got a lot of rest this weekend which made the getting up part easier and I actually looked forward to hitting the road for my walk. But my body was a bit reluctant so I decided to bring the camera with me. I thought, that if I took some photos, the walk would be more interesting, and I was right.

That shot above, is the obligatory shoe shot that all walkers take at some point. As you can see in the shot, my stomach seemed to want to get in on the action. I took three shots. One with me leaning WAY over so you would not see my stomach, but then thought, what the heck am I doing? I already told you that I was fat, why hide it now? Maybe by January, my stomach won’t be invited to the party. Oh, and the shoes… I know! They could NOT be more boring. I want some zippy looking ones but I will reward myself with them at Christmas if I continue to do well with the walking.

Path #1

Kind of dark, huh? That is how it looks when I first set-out at 6am. As I mentioned in a previous post, I love to walk in the dark. It’s not the safest thing to do and I take precautions of course, but you can’t beat the coolness of the morning and the solitude. I do my best thinking in the morning. It’s the one time where I can skip along (I hardly skip) and not think too much about the problems swimming around in my head. In the dark, coolness of those shadows, I can let it all go. That is one aspect of walking that I love.

When you find yourself less than motivated on a Monday, how do you push ahead? The picture thing worked for me. I took a lot of pictures, but since it was so dark, many of them didn’t turn out but that’s okay. Taking them made me appreciate what was around me and honestly, the time flew by and I was done before I realized it. In fact, I walked over the 2 miles I had set out to do. Not too shabby for a Monday.

Now? I am at work and about to start my day, but first…coffee. Where is the coffee?

Have a good day and if you manage to get out at all, enjoy it! I work in a windowless prison of an office so when I get out, it’s like seeing the light of day for the first time. I seriously need to get out more.


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